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If you are just starting out into the giant world of the outdoors, there is a lot too learn about equipment, more than you probably realize. Brands such as Petzl, North Face, Marmot, Columbia, and Patagonia all vie for your loyalty and money. How to decide which is the best, and which one should get your hard-earned money?

The answer? Well, all of them. They are all specifically geared to the challenges and adventures of the outdoors, designed to do whatever it is you need them to do. Whether you need to Allow air through, have material dry quickly, keep things small and lightweight, or keep you warm in extreme temperatures, these outdoor brands have the solution to your problem.

Rappelling equipment & Bouldering gear

There are many reasons why you should buy climbing gloves. In addition to keeping moisture and slickness off of the rope and rocks, making your climb safer, climbing gloves can increase your own comfort while climbing. There are plenty of sharp edges and ledges which can keep your hands raw and red if you're not careful. Instead, climbing gloves can take that beating for you. If you get the right sort of pair of gloves that fit right, you can maintain a grip that's even more solid than gloveless climbs.

As you get into rock climbing, knowing the right sort of harness for you, and how to use that harness effectively, can be a bit tricky.

Much of what you are paying for with increased cost is not more effective safety (which comes almost entirely from proper use and fit), but increased comfort and additional features. The added strengths of these more expensive harnesses tend to fit more easily, since they are designed to fit a wider variety of potential climbers. They also tend to have more padding or foam to make your climb more about the climb and less about the distraction that you harness can provide.

If you are anything like me, starting a new sport can be intimidating. It's not so much fear of the sport itself that can be a hindrance, but more the reluctance to reveal your ignorance when it comes to rules, terms, and equipment. If you are looking to start rock climbing, you will want to know the basic equipment vernacular so you can converse with others and not feel like a troglodyte.      Add to Delicious Bookmark Red Rock Climbing Company at